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History has shown there is an important invariable factor in business, that is Human Capital. Jim C. Colins, a professor at Stanford University, emphasized "First Who…Then What" instead of "First What… Then Who". Today, the value of human beings within business has developed from Manpower to Human Capital.

1. Type of Services

1) Executive Search
All chief executive levels are served as retainer basis, they include:

2) Recuiting Service
All middle management levels are served as contingency basis, they include:
Key persons, R&D and hard core of professionals like JDs,Drs. MBAs, etc.

2. Service Industries

1) Advanced Technology
Communication & Convergence / Computing / System Intergration / Internet / Mobile / Semi-conductors / Electronics

2) Financial Services
Asset Management / Capital Market / Investment Banking / Private Equity / Hedge Fund / Insurance

3) Healthcare and Life Sciences
Medical Devices & Diagnostics / Pharmaceuticals / Health Care

4) Consumer
Food & Beverage / Consumer Packed Goods / Luxury Brand

5) Manufacturing / Automative / Energy / Chemical

6) Professional Services
Management Consulting / IT Consulting / Legal / HR / Accounting / Marketing / Advertising

3. Assignement Procedure

Briefing Meeting with the client to understand the client's needs, the scope of the position in its career qualification and personal characteristics.
Research Thorough search of the target market and the range of potential qualified candidates
Recommendation Submission of the shortlist of suitable candidates thru detailed CV and interviewer's comments
Selection The client in conjunction with the consultant determine who they would wish to interview
Decision Assist clients to the degree necessary, reference checking and supporting remuneration package

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